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Have your say on the budget challenge facing Nottinghamshire County Council


The Budget Simulator is your chance to give your opinions and ideas on how your Council's budget is spent. 

Nottinghamshire County Council is facing exceptional financial challenges.  Cuts in Government grants and rising demands for services mean that we will need to find £154m of savings over the next three years in order to balance the books.

We have already transformed the way we work, reducing our back office costs by over £17m in the last three years.  We are now working more efficiently with fewer resources and will continue to make savings wherever possible.  However, with over 90% of our budget spent directly on delivering services it is inevitable that some of them will have to be reduced.  This means that tough choices lie ahead and we want to know your views before we make these important decisions.

The simulator will allow you to tell us where you think we should be spending more money and where you think we should be spending less.  Remember though you need to make sure that you keep the Council Tax figure below 5% in order to complete and submit your choices.

Please note this process is for 'simulation' purposes only.  We will use it to help us understand how you would set the Council's budget.  The consequences shown are designed to give you some examples of how your decisions may impact on the service - they are not necessarily how the Council would increase or reduce the service.  This is to give you some insight into the complexity of setting the Council's budget.

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved in the Budget Challenge please visit  If you have any comments or questions please email

The closing date for comments on the 2014/2015 budget proposals, completion of the on-line budget challenge questionnaire, and this online budget simulator tool is Friday, 17 January 2014.